Friday, February 27, 2009

mob sightings

check out 3:38 secs and on

married to the mob

rainy days

"hit me
all the chronic in the world couldn't even mess with you
you are the ultimate high"

cloudy skys and rainy hours today in altanta, and for those who arnt going out tonight .. here is my guide for raining days.

1. roll something up
2. put some some real good music on (i'll be listening to jodeci and corinne bailey rae)
3. get in a warm place either with friends, a lover, or by yourself
4. order your favorite food
5. fall back and just chill

i guarantee you'll feel amazing

"you and i could reach the top"

a lil somethin i do and love

so at night i like to sleep with the TV on and to avoid waking up and seeing some scary ass commercial that will end up giving me nightmares, i sleep with the disney channel on because i know its safe. so in the mornings around 10ish i always wake up to this show, that i just found out is called 'Choo Choo Soul" lmao! like that name automatically should make you want to read on .. the show is basically for little kids that are learning things like the alphabet, numbers, how to be polite etc. so choo choo soul teaches kids how to do these things by singing! but what really gets me is the main girl in this show i think her name is genvieve, she looks like she is straight off the street like hoop earings, pony tails to the side .. its funny. enjoy its very catchy!

oh and the black dj with all his little noises is priceless

stew bradley

when browsing through DVF's website/blog i ran across something great ..
Stew Bradley

now when you think of Diane Von Furstenberg and interns .. you might think Whitney or Olivia from the city? when you think of vogue interns you may think of lauren conrad. now when you think of Elle you should think of stew bradley from of course yes .. the philadelphia eagles. stew is Elle's newest fashion intern.

"The Utah native is trading his helmet for some Helmut Lang, and will be spending the off season going to fashion shows. assisting on shoots and attending events."

here is his interview with DVF:

DVF: What inspired you to pursue a fashion career?
SB: I always am looking at fashion magazines and have had an interest in fashion and I wanted to do something different this season.
DVF: Speaking of seasons, what looks do you like for Spring?
SB: Tough question…
DVF: OK, what about harem pants, hot or not?
SB: I’m up in the air - but if you can pull them off…
DVF: What are you wearing?
SB: PRPS jeans, Diesel and PF Flyers
DVF: What have you done so far?
SB: Well, it’s my second day on the job, but I’ve helped pick out some clothes and am working on the next two issues.
DVF: What is your favorite look for women?
SB: I like casual - jeans and a white t-shirt.

the art of AA

Thursday, February 26, 2009

19 things

i musss have in maa life.

1. an attitude
2. solid color leotards
3. my hair done
4. palmers cocoa butter formula
5. a pair of jeans i cant live without
6. a cute butt
7. a bad walk (in progress)
8. a back up plan or man
9. my moms louie clutch
10. burts bees replenishing lip balm and dr. bronners magic organic lip balm
11. my ray bans to block people out
12. one pair of black heels
13. american apparel tights
14. someone i can look good with
15. married to the mob letterman
16. my ipod
17. a cotton bra with no padding
18. my jack (lol)
19. commen sense


okay so i have a little problem .. there is so much i want to share with whoever takes the time out to look at my blog that i just POST, like i cant stop! and i hate when new stuff that i just wrote goes onto the second page, because my thinking is when people look at a blog they just look at the first page and if they like the first page they'll go on to click that "older post" link and go on .. but i really HAD to post this! im gonna try to make it my last for tonight because this needs to marinate! if you know me and you don't know that i LOVE john mayer .. you dont know me. once i get my hands on these items and some other things from american apparel im done! like done to the point where im just gonna be like "dont even talk to me" lol jk. but seriously this post im showing you is like me 100% like if you want to know me you are about to get your chance ..

only has XL left but if i had it ...... with some tights on?? sheww

got it - this is out of control beyond sick

i could be considered slightly hype for this crewneck .. however i could care less its sick

ok now this might look weird but i have a terrible memory so i needed a reminder of what i need to buy off of american apparel .. its also inspirational lol and helps me plan how im going to spend my money. anyway call me hype, please. i dont care because once i buy everything i have up on my wall i'll be set


two one five

being in atlanta i have definitely realized how much i love philadelphia, like i really cant stress this enough. i wanted to leave home so bad, but now being away from home for months at a time i truly appreciate philly for what it is. people down here look at downtown atlanta like its amazing, but there is nothing like downtown philadelphia .. and then not to mention the whole "uptown" situation of phily. chestnut hill, mt. airy, and germantown are my favorite places to be in the world .. i thought i would post a little something i found just browsing around. this really goes out to everyone thats at school right now thats not home just as a little reminder of how GREAT the city we live in really is.

nooo disrespect to any other city exspecially new york .. cuz everybody down here from new york always wants to hate on philly .. but there is really no city like the city of brotherly love.

vh1 storytellers ft. kanye west

on saturday at 9pm kanye will be appearing on the show "vh1 storytellers".

"The 90-minute episode will feature West performing songs from his critically acclaimed album 808's & Heartbreak in addition to past hits. Following in the "Storytellers" format, West will answer questions from the audience and give viewers a unique opportunity to hear the inspiration behind such hits as "Flashing Lights," "Stronger," "Good Life," "Touch The Sky" and from his new album 808's & Heartbreak, "See You In My Nightmares," "Robocop," "Amazing," "Say You Will" and "Heartless."
" - Vh1

soo if your a fan of 808's & Heartbreak (sadly i cant say that i am) you should def. watch. from the commerical it seemed like a good show. i think its always cool hearing artists reasoning behind a song.

a lil somethin i lovee

i havnt been breathing for the last 5 minutes .. because ive been looking at THIS

if you watched I love New York 2 or I love Money .. yes those reality tv shows on VH1 you will know who this is .. Buddah aka Ezra Masters aka my dirty little secret

my dream come true

american apparel flea market .. imagine running around picking out clothes that you would normally be buying at the store! I would die.

my kind of shopping

"do you want to say hello to DVF?"

Diane Von Furstenburg 2009 Fashion Week show playlist:

Careless Whisper, THE GOSSIP
Shempi- Zongamin mix, RATATAT
Upside Down, DIANA ROSS

(having upside down - diana ross playing on a runway would be an amazing feeling)


ughh another new obsession

love never felt so good

he is truly the greatest.

spark things up a bit

i would be the sucker to buy these

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a lil somethin i lovee

my mom sent me these little gatorades .. and they are so amazing! like they truly are "thirst quenchers" .. but the only bad thing about them is, they are SO hard to open to the point where my hand gets red and hurts for like 10 mins afterwards .. but its worth it!


i was just browsing through a friend from homes blog, which is sick check it out heree.
and on the side of her blog she had this badge with pictures of her on this site So of course i go browse .. when i say this site is sick! I was just looking through the site for like a good hour talking to my boyfriend just hype as shit over how sick this website was! So of course i had to see how i could get involved and again i was taken aback because you have to apply to become a member which is really cool to me. just because i love being around people that are just as passionate and interested in fashion and websites like this as i am. I really cant get enough of shit like this - i love it!
anyway i applied now im waiting for an "invitation" back (sick). hope i get it collective fashion consciousness.

my personal statement to you:

all I want to do with you is dance, smoke, and laugh. cheat on me, leave me, talk bad about me, complain, move away but don't forget to dance with me on friday night, and smoke with me saturday morning, and laugh with me in between time on sunday. the weekday is our enemy it brings the worst out of the both of us and puts us in unforgettable situations. take my words lightly monday through friday because they are the words of a bitter, uncontrolled, bitch that is yearning to see you just one day out of the three. put something on, so we can dance our forever together and chase the smoke and ashes that we create, as we slowly fall and disappear into another world that is only seen by true lovers with no worries, and when its all over lets laugh at the time we had and wait till the next time it happens again. all the days that fall in between are days that are meant for other people, other work, and other situations that are beyond our control. we'll light the fumes before we go to a destination unkown and dance our forever together on friday, and laugh about it on saturday.

love, my

does her jacket say bitches on the back?

ive gotten so much criticism on this jacket

i wear this jacket for the following reasons:

1. i love MTTM (Married to the Mob)
2. I like what there about - "a streetwear labeled designed for women by women."

Like they said when i wear any clothing that I own by MTTM i feel chic, smart mouthed, and of course that I can not be messed with literally and style wise. Even though it was based out of New York and the thought process behind it reeks of that "new york swag" (i hate that word .. swag but it fit well) growing up in philadelphia i can still completely vibe with everything they produce. the fact that my jacket says bitches on the back, and im okay with it does not mean that I dont respect myself or any of the young ladies walking around me .. it simply is a statement that for me means that im doing my thing and if you dont like it, i could care less.

"Love MOB, hate it, stalk its every move, it inspires opinions because more than just a clothing label, it's a lifestyle that speaks to style-confident females everywhere. Whether a MOB tee, string bikini, blog or photo shoot, everything has the MOB crew's attitude, charm and appeal stamped all over it." - Married to the Mob

i'll continue to do what i do .. and im sure they will too

do you have the "look"

most know my obsession with American Apparel .. so i came across this ..

How to look like an American Apparel model:
  1. Work out. Not all the AA models are twigs. Some of them actually look female. The trick is that while they have actual curves, they are healthy as well. Yoga, Pilates, cardio...whatever. Preferably something that lengthens and tones without adding too much bulk to your body. And just say no to soda and meat. Believe me, it pays off. Somehow not having chemicals and hormones and pesticides pumped through your body on a daily basis can actually make you look and feel healthier.
  2. Carry yourself well. Posture is key.
  3. Get sleep. Seriously.
  4. Use minimal makeup. Like the clothing at AA, the cosmetics are simply there. No fuss, no frills, yet a statement nonetheless, in an ironic sort of way. That means no caking on the bronzer, eyeliner, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. At the most, you can lightly apply concealer and possible Bareminerals. Some SUBTLE liptint is alright also as long as there is no sparkle or shine. Beige eyeshadow is okay also. Just buy quality products so it will do the job.
  5. Messy long hair is quite an asset. Make it scrunchy, bed-heady.
  6. If you are biracial, work your individuality here! For instance, if you're Norwegian/Arabic, flaunt it! Biracial is simply beautiful. The uniqueness really sets off your beauty.
  7. But never fear. If you are not biracial, find some unique feature (a mole, large nose, thick eyebrows) and draw attention to it rather than hiding it. Because AA is not about synthetic beauty.
  8. Beyond the AA look, be more socially aware. Find a cause and work for it. That's the biggest component of beauty. Don't be a wuss and follow something just because it's trendy. Tap into your passion and then go for it.

lol im not sure how i feel about this? maybe because i found it on "Wikihow"

of course

im hype

it has taken me over

found some new songs today, cant get enough .. enjoy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

right as rain

'Cause when hard work don't pay off and I'm tired,
There ain't no room in my bed, as far as I'm concerned.
So wipe that dirty smile of, We
won't be making up, I've cried my heart out
and now I've had enough of love.
Go ahead and steal my heart to make me cry again,
'cause it will never hurt as much it did then,
when we were both right and no one had blame,
but now I give up on this endless game.


you know i pop them tags

for all those back home .. the two songs i hear constantly in atlanta
(nat this is mainly for you)

swag surfin'

that polo song

ms bryant

You must not have a difficult time meeting guys.
Joy Bryant: You know, not to sound like an egotist, but like I said, a pretty face is a dime a dozen. It doesn’t mean anything to me when a man comes up and tells me I’m pretty. I’d rather he’d say I’m smart or interesting or fascinating or weird—anything but “pretty.” I mean, it’s nice and all, but “pretty” can get boring unless there’s an interesting mind in there. Someone with something to share. So yes, I meet people, but what are they looking for? It’s hard.

everything about her is, yes.

a lil somethin i do

the fortune cookie's that i like, i put in the back of my cell phone case
(my friend told me too, it was a great idea)

true or false

men often try to hide their cheating, even if the relationship has ended, because they cannot bear the guilt and are trying to cover it up.


Monday, February 23, 2009

in love with time

I lie in my bed and watch her go,
Of her I spat and took advantage.
Sometimes she’s my friend; sometimes she’s my foe,
Because of this sin, she’s caused me great damage.

The next morning I awaken to her unchanging face,
Only to fuss about our new day.
So she walked out again and I stayed in place,
Struggling to find the right words to say.

The third morning we rose with a new understanding,
I kissed her forehead and embraced her soul.
It feels good to be argument free, without reprimanding,
Now we embark on the day as a whole.

Her name is a virtue, that we struggle to find,
O, how I fell in deep love with Time

a lil somethin i do

i like to stretch out my tee's so there more loose and flowy when i wear them


yes yes

saturday: febuary 28, 2009 1:00PM all new on mtv MADE:CHEERLEADERS

hell yes .. i would never be a cheerleader but i have a slight obsession for watching cheer related movies, tv shows, and competitions.

yes yes


laydees ... buy these jeans now! Silence & Noise Pull on Jean. I have a pair in a dark blue and they are incredible! ask anyone who knows me i wear them almost daily .. which IS NOT gross (i hate when people act like they dont wear jeans more than once before washing them). I switch back between these and my leggings and im honestly scared to wash them .. i want to be able to get them back on because there very tight but its literally the perfect tight! meaning i can actually move around, breath, and not worry about showing my crack off to the world. There only $64 which is beautiful compared to buying a skinny & rich, citizen of humanity, or seven jean .. in my opinion they do much more justice than any designer jean. (they look better in person than in the picture)

isis is out of the bag

first love

Forgive me first love
But I'm tired
I need to get away
To feel again
Try to understand why
Don't get so close
To change my mind
Please wipe that look
Out of your eyes
It's bribing me
To doubt myself
Simply, it's tiring
This love has dried up
And stayed behind
And if I stay
I'll be alive
Then choke on words
I'd always hide
Excuse me first love
But we're through
I need to taste the kiss
From someone new

run around the art museam

if your in philadelphia this weekend and you like scavenger hunts and your 18 years of age or older your in luck! Watson Adventures presents an adult scavenger hunt! Follow a trail of clues within the works of art to narrow down a list of four suspects and pinpoint the murderer. check for more info ..

i miss home =(

you gotta be, des'ree

.. one of those songs that every women should listen to on repeat at ALL times

As i was delving deeper into "Style and the City" I came across a post with the writing below and pictures to go along with it (i didn't add the pictures because the post would have been very long and the text was much more important) after reading I had to share .. because I think what Kamel Lahmadi (creator) is doing is really inspiring and i enjoy every page of the website. facebook page add/join the group if your interested ..

i know its a lot but .. ITS WORTH THE READ

"Ive never conceived Style and the City as umpteenth fashion media because I do not consider women as a marketing product to who you can sell everything and anything. Style and the City is first and foremost a spiritual adventure in which everyone can find small sources of happiness.
For me style is just the clothing personality, and this personality that makes who you are. One person happy, zen in his head will always be stylish because this is not the appearance that makes beautiful, but his generosity, his kindness, his happiness. The suit is only incidental.

What is beautiful in life is that whatever difficult times that we can cross, there are always angles around you to relieve your sorrows.
Before creating Style and the City, I had 3 kinds of angles in my life: my family, my friends, my love.

Since Style and the City, I made the acquaintance of new angels you who read me and the angles that stop in front of my camera, offering me their smiles and pass me their happiness.
Earlier this week, I was upset for 2 reasons: firstly, because I had just discovered a US website that had stolen 150 photos of mine and makes money with them (I will soon show you this site), and secondly because things were not as planned at the point of me to do the work of others, causing me stress moral and physical fatigue.

Like guardian angles, you supported me morally and encouraged to stand up. So I listened to my heart: visit the exhibition of Richard Avedon rather than run after another day of street style shooting.

Except that when you listen to your angels, God always reserve your nice surprises in the form of beautiful couples in love, beautiful style, pretty moms I met on thursday...I was so glad to show you these photographs.

And then patatra: thanks to the lovely McGallo, I discovered this Saturday that a skyblogeuse has stolen my trade mark Style and the City, its definition in google to create his blog "Style and the City", asking people to send her their photos.

I was shocked and upset that I've had not the joey any more to post photos of the next novel promises. But now I've learned: when people hurt you, find the angels around you, because there are! They are there, they are waiting for you. Ready to hug you,

Ready to kiss you.

You do not know but God (I'll end up believing that he exist) told them to put on your way.
Only when you meet these angels that you understand that something special, different is happening.

You feel a joy invading you, a happiness that takes you from the stomach to eyes, making them almost cry. You then understand that every misfortune is a new opportunity in fact to meet angels..

Yesterday I met angels. Lots of angels."

im a cherryhead

i went "grocery" shopping today in my schools bookstore .. lol i got some detergent, body wash, and one of my favorite candies! only 25 cents you wont be disappointed .. promise

cant sleep

i cant sleeeep .. and i know im going to regret not trying in the morning. but whatever being awake has lead me to good conversations, good music, and an amazing website! i found this website .. its amazing. its basically just pictures of random fabulous normal real people and some fame.
i feel so good right now theres nothing greater than listening to michael jackson while looking at pictures of beautiful people looking incredible, and feeling loveee.

amazing couple !!!

bring me to paris again just this time with my lover