Friday, February 27, 2009

stew bradley

when browsing through DVF's website/blog i ran across something great ..
Stew Bradley

now when you think of Diane Von Furstenberg and interns .. you might think Whitney or Olivia from the city? when you think of vogue interns you may think of lauren conrad. now when you think of Elle you should think of stew bradley from of course yes .. the philadelphia eagles. stew is Elle's newest fashion intern.

"The Utah native is trading his helmet for some Helmut Lang, and will be spending the off season going to fashion shows. assisting on shoots and attending events."

here is his interview with DVF:

DVF: What inspired you to pursue a fashion career?
SB: I always am looking at fashion magazines and have had an interest in fashion and I wanted to do something different this season.
DVF: Speaking of seasons, what looks do you like for Spring?
SB: Tough question…
DVF: OK, what about harem pants, hot or not?
SB: I’m up in the air - but if you can pull them off…
DVF: What are you wearing?
SB: PRPS jeans, Diesel and PF Flyers
DVF: What have you done so far?
SB: Well, it’s my second day on the job, but I’ve helped pick out some clothes and am working on the next two issues.
DVF: What is your favorite look for women?
SB: I like casual - jeans and a white t-shirt.

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