Friday, February 27, 2009

a lil somethin i do and love

so at night i like to sleep with the TV on and to avoid waking up and seeing some scary ass commercial that will end up giving me nightmares, i sleep with the disney channel on because i know its safe. so in the mornings around 10ish i always wake up to this show, that i just found out is called 'Choo Choo Soul" lmao! like that name automatically should make you want to read on .. the show is basically for little kids that are learning things like the alphabet, numbers, how to be polite etc. so choo choo soul teaches kids how to do these things by singing! but what really gets me is the main girl in this show i think her name is genvieve, she looks like she is straight off the street like hoop earings, pony tails to the side .. its funny. enjoy its very catchy!

oh and the black dj with all his little noises is priceless

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