Sunday, May 31, 2009

she is beautiful

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because i'll forget ..
i want to paint my nails pink next

happy june

some inspirational words to start your month off right:

"sometimes knowing when to let go of something or how to stop manipulating a situation is extremely difficult. it can be one of the toughest tests that life can present.
we all face such turning points in our lives, but by recognizing them, acting fluidly and in accordance with universal laws, rather than resisting and reacting.
we are being offered the ultimate opportunity.
in fact, there are patterns in everything - you just need to recognize them when they occur.
so each time a situation arises the universe is giving you another chance to get it right and move on, up to the next level.
you can either ignore the clues and be stuck in a cycle or you can change your attitude, behavior and reactions to transcend it.
the only way you'll get it right is by objectively reviewing and learning from your mistakes.
what are the facts? who else was involved? what was your contribution?
don't judge, but try to draw some conclusions that will help you in the future.
soon you'll be an expert in recognizing all the signs.
when you can bypass a situation you'll know you've graduated.
after all, the best education is the one you give yourself through experience and "a sign is only meanitful if you know how to interpret it"
(arthur golding, memoirs of a geisha, found in girlosophy)

talking bout my girl

i found out today that isis is 60 years old in cat years .. amen and cheers to that
and please nobody hate, because i can already name a few that are gonna be thinking some unnecessary things about my isis.


sunday night munchies lead to this:
you know that cake looks amazing ..

im so glad i got my own

crazy crazy example of a sample, listen to the first video first.
and then listen to how "da entourage" murders (in a bad way) curtis mayfield's lyrics
just listen to the lyrics.
shout out to don

today was a good day

there is really something about philly that cant be explained.
these pictures make me really happy because this is like the perfect example of a beautiful summerbreak/spring day in philly.
it really gets no better than this. i promise you.

"beauty is grace and confidence. i've learned to accept and appreciate what nature gave me"

there was a girl I knew who always wanted to be the one to stand out from the crowd
always believed that she was gonna live her dreams
that what went down was gonna come around
for all the doubters, non-believers, the cynicals that once were dreamers
one of these days you'll open up your eyes
and you'll realize

that girl was a one time teenage drama queen
a hot, tough everyday wannabee
but she'll have changed her destiny
now she's a somebody
that girl was a wild child dreamer but she'll find herself
cause she believes in nothin' else
and you'll look back and you won't believe
that girl was me

armed with an attitude that she knows how to use
she's gonna get there any way she can
now she knows what she wants
no one is gonna stop her
nothing's ever gonna hold her down
for all the doubters, non-believers the cynicle that once were dreamers
one of these days you'll know that you were wrong (who would've know)

life is a work of art- you gotta paint it colorful
can make it anything you want
don't have to stick to any rules
you don't need a high IQ to succeed in what you do
you just gotta have no doubt just believe in yourself

doubters, non-believers, once were dreamers
one of these days you'll open up your eyes
and you'll realize

its been more than real

hot sauce and beer baby
location: don's house
i think the pizza with hot sauce was the highlight of my night.
and the fact that about 15 of us were all sitting in a circle, but everybody was having different conversation.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

walking on the moon

location: shouk, south street
this was some of my night ..
as much as we go there it really hasn't gotten old yet, hopefully it wont =/
all i know is im gonna fall asleep to 27 dresses on HBO tonight

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009



just a reminder about what your looking at

midterm: a medically imperative one week break from sex, booze, and ecstasy.
yesterday: the day one reasonably resolves to change destructive patterns of behavior

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the snake

i love this picture so much - via cobra snake