Sunday, May 31, 2009

happy june

some inspirational words to start your month off right:

"sometimes knowing when to let go of something or how to stop manipulating a situation is extremely difficult. it can be one of the toughest tests that life can present.
we all face such turning points in our lives, but by recognizing them, acting fluidly and in accordance with universal laws, rather than resisting and reacting.
we are being offered the ultimate opportunity.
in fact, there are patterns in everything - you just need to recognize them when they occur.
so each time a situation arises the universe is giving you another chance to get it right and move on, up to the next level.
you can either ignore the clues and be stuck in a cycle or you can change your attitude, behavior and reactions to transcend it.
the only way you'll get it right is by objectively reviewing and learning from your mistakes.
what are the facts? who else was involved? what was your contribution?
don't judge, but try to draw some conclusions that will help you in the future.
soon you'll be an expert in recognizing all the signs.
when you can bypass a situation you'll know you've graduated.
after all, the best education is the one you give yourself through experience and "a sign is only meanitful if you know how to interpret it"
(arthur golding, memoirs of a geisha, found in girlosophy)

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