Tuesday, March 31, 2009


im retiring my beloved yellow cell phone case to display this:


wait im sorry ..
with all the other unnecessary bs going on in my life .. i truly didnt even get excited about possibly transferring to temple?!
because i got in today.
i'll post my acceptance letter once my mom faxes it, because yes i am that hype.
its not as exciting as like being a freshman and getting in .. but im still excited.
dont ask me what im going to do because i dont know yet
just know if i transfer back home i'll be unstoppable.

public service announcement from TQH

"I guess its time I step shit up...Ive been sleepin. Daydreaming. Bullshitin. Whatever you want to call it... Today I had a rude wakening...Im BROKE lol. Not broke broke but I could be better, much better. Ive decided its time to get back on the grind, forreal this time. It hurts my ego not to be able to walk in phipps and drop a few stacks in the theory store. In saying this...im back. Im working on a few things right now. a few things that I expect you to buy. I want all of your MONEY, EVERY PENNY OF IT , IM SERIOUS AS SHIT LOL...
Its just me, boog, haddi and linc left you'll see the others guys here and there but dont worry weve got more than enough slong to sling to all you pretty faced girls... Holla at ya fuckin boy." - TQH

"It hurts my ego not to be able to walk in phipps and drop a few stacks in the theory store." - lol

if i was a guy i think i would be similar to craig, thats why i fuck with him so much .. i dont think he would be like me though, he would be like one of those light skinned skinny bitches that girls didnt fuck with cuz she thought she was too cute and did what she wanted to do.
anyway .. TQH is where i got the idea to start blogging and was the first place i ever started posting then it was mynats (ya lie) now im by myself on midterm so of course i had to give a much needed shoutout to TQH .. craig especially because he was actually my nigga before todd and joey were lmao.

so make sure you check up on the quarter hug which is listed first on my "other blogs i like" section. whatever craig plans on selling which im sure will be worth it make sure you cop the fuck up.

and make sure you throw that shit back

now that shes gone

i wish i could post the actual video but this song used to be my jam when i was 9 .. i only had the like 2 min version for some reason so i only know half of the words lol

You've taken me for granted but you only get one chance
Then you left me hurting and it won't happen again

So she finally left you, it ain't no surprise

That you miss your water 'cause your well went dry


i would die for a cupcake and a lover right now

one thing that always makes me happy is cupcakes!!

brown sugar cupcakes with brown sugar creme cheese frosting
(they should have put a brown baby on there)

green velvet cupcakes

birthday cupcakes for a 3 year old

tasty looking cupcakes

southern-style strawberry creme cheese cupcakes

six word stories


born tuesday. married wednesday. loved friday. - david walden

power out. doesn't kiss. chance missed - jeremy cope

she leaves town, he calls me - jane pillow

first date. train late. didnt wait - paul rutherford

the site started because of this six word story by earnest hemingway

"for sale: baby shoes, never used."

random as hell

this past saturday i went to the opening of this club near my school ..
it was ass
the music was of course terrible but then again .. i wasn't expecting it to be good, southern music or atlanta music as i call it isnt really my thing
and to go along with it .. i was put in so many random situations ..
like i dont know bul lmao

young guns

lol my day was interesting to say the least

Monday, March 30, 2009

never ask an impatient person to be patient

harem pants - urban
sandals - michael kors
same jacket i always have on lol

monday mellow

text me baby

i think that i get some of the best text messages
at least for someone with such a mellow life
so with that in mind i figured i would post some of my text messages

"i wish people could understand that once your out of college its hard as hell to find somebody good, thats why im on my hunt now .. i always thought you were very lucky but i was stubborn as hell to admit it, but im glad i have the chance to tell you now"
(not exactly from the person i want but the person i wanted
which is unfortunately as close as i can get)

"i was kidnapped and im very sorry for being an asshole and not hitting u up and tell u that"
(bla bla bla)

"I never dreamed youd leave in summer, i thought you would go then come back home, i thought the cold would leave by summer, but my quiet nights will be spent alone. you said there would be warm love in springtime, that is when you started to be cold, i never dreamed youd leave in summer, but now i find myself alone. You said then youd be the life in autumn, said youd be the one to see the way, no i never dreamed youd leave in summer, but now i find my love has gone away, why didnt you stay." (lol that one was 5 messages but a goody indeed)

colors of spring

ive been told these are the colors you should be wearing right now ..
super lemon is my favorite
"luck never made a man wise"

good luck though

i found this in my inbox this morning:

Put your troubled mind at ease
What I can’t give you, you don’t need
Step out of your fantasy
And stand beside me in sweet reality
This is no dream, I’ll set you free
From all your misery

I’m the missing part to your broken heart
Believe this to be true
My love is custom made just for you

With me you can begin a fresh start
I posses the love key to your lonely heart
Wake up… you’re living a dream
Return to sweet reality with me.

What I can’t give you; you don’t need
What you seek, you will find in me
Dare to take the journey
My love is guaranteed to please
Can’t you see…………………..
To be at peace I’m all you need.

it was almost everything I needed to see

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the truth

I remember the very first day that I saw him
I found myself immediately intrigued by him
It's almost like I knew this man from another life
Like back then maybe I was his husband maybe he was my wife
And even,things I don't like about him are fine with me
Cause it's not hard for me to understand him cause he's so much like me
And it's truly my pleasure to share his company
And I know that it's God's gift to breathe
The air he breathes
How can the same man that makes me so mad
Do you know what he did
Turn right around and kiss me so soft
Girl do you know what he did
If he ever left me I wouldn't even be sad no
Cause there's a blessin' in every lesson
And I'm glad that I knew him at all
results of: extremly relatable john mayer lyrics, a tshirt thats sensative to tempeature, and the thought of having to wait

i survive for the breath your finished with

i'll listen to him until everything is good

when i was your lover
no one else would do
if im forced to find another, i hope she looks like you
yeah and she's nicer too

so go on baby
make your little get away
my pride will keep my company
and you just gave yours all away
now im gonna dress myself for two
once for me and once for someone new

cant keep a good bitch down

now i'll simply have to kill it without you beside me

american apparel, thermochromatic sheer jersey tshirt
american apparel, faux denim high-waist legging

sunday sane

problem solved

to solve my lighting problem
i bought a lamp for $17
and found something new to order at starbucks

its just a little crooked but thats okay it does the job.
and i got to use my emergency credit card, yess!

and this is why

this is exactly why, i love him

"Just finished a new song called 'Hot Nutz".
I really feel like this track will define my career."
2:28 AM Mar 28th from TwitterBerry

saturday shine

jean jacket: levi's vintage
hoody: american apperal unisex salt and pepper hoddy
dress: american apperal, u neck love sleeve mini dress
bag: LV clutch handed down from my mothaa
shoes: my beat up, wear every other single day, gold steve madden flats mwahh
skaamed? indeed

indigo adult

on friday i went to get my hair done and while i was in the middle of getting my hair blow dryed the power went out. now it was kind of raining/misty out so i figured that had something to do with it, and the owner of the shop told us that it happened the day before for about 5 mins .. so i thought nothing of it. however this time the power was out for longer than 5 mins it was more like an hour. so in my mind im sitting there half of my hair blow dryed the other wet, thinking damn this shit always happens to me .. and one exact thought of mine was "i bet right when i get up the lights will go on" and the moment i get up to get my jacket so that my stylist can drive me to her house the lights go on.

also .. some of my friends and i have this thing where when we walk under or drive under a street light it will go out, sometimes with me it will like flicker off and on. either way .. its weird as hell

so today to top all of this off! my ceiling light that has worked all semester went out.
so i went to change it and put a new bulb in and it still dosnt work ..
now my thinking is why does my roommates light still work, because i'm sure they put the light bulbs in at the same time in the beginning of the semester.

so to get a better grasp on this situation of course i googled it!
and this is what i found:


when i say this shit is mind blowing!!

before you click the link this is the definition of indigo people:

group of souls born into this earth plane who come as messengers of truth. they are lightworkers whose earthly mission is to bring love and light to this plane and to teach educate and learn how to live life on earth, to prepare for the following etherical infinate life hereafter.

heres a video:

and my final words are:
this is VERY crazy, like im sitting here blown!
read the characteristics to see if they apply to you because they sure as hell apply to me.
that video is kind of weird and makes me think twice, but still this shit is ridiculous.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

this right here

used to be my shit

and for tonight its the song im getting dressed to before i go out


Charli Baltmore

listen to when or if ..

NBC- just a nice collaboration
Bounce Back - your feeling underestimated
Down 4 U - your in a relationship and let your man listen too
Touch the Sky remix - you want to hear a crazy ass kanye remix
I am - if your in a relationship and let your man listen too
Pimp da 1 U love - the niggas around you are fuckin up
P.S - your feeling yourself or when you need some encouragement
Have it All - if you lost somebody close to you
Interviews with Charli Baltimore - just listen, its good
Me & My boo - you have friends that are male that are solely your friend and that's it

let me know if the grass is greener on the other side


im anti facebook at the moment, and it hit me today when JANI WALKER!!
my canadian bitch
told me she lost a very large and overwhelming amount of pictures that i had tagged her in lmao.
i'll be back soon, no worries for those we care.

three wishes

1. a nice house and a lover in Jamaica
2. for john mayer to fall in love with me for a day
3. an endless supply of money


i never felt so right about something that i always thought was so wrong until today.
romeo is probably the most indescribable crazy person Ive ever experienced
and my final words about him are simply:
if its meant to be it will be

i feel like a weight has completely been lifted off my shoulders
im so much better than how I've been acting and romeo has truly blinded me from being, the real me.

i look forward to these next weeks in atlanta and an amazing summer with myself, my friends, and most importantly my family.
for once im the one administrating a midterm for not only myself but more importantly my peers.

why its so much more than boyfriend and girlfriend

love many things, for there in lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.

i might have gotten the time line a little wrong but for the most part it went like this:

(truly friends)

(one person felt it)

(i was bothered by his arm around me, hence my head close to natalie)

(first time we went somewhere just the two of us)

(he was excited, i was his date)

(when it was almost mutual)

(the day it and basically the exact moment it became official)


(new years)

its his favorite kind of day