Monday, March 30, 2009

text me baby

i think that i get some of the best text messages
at least for someone with such a mellow life
so with that in mind i figured i would post some of my text messages

"i wish people could understand that once your out of college its hard as hell to find somebody good, thats why im on my hunt now .. i always thought you were very lucky but i was stubborn as hell to admit it, but im glad i have the chance to tell you now"
(not exactly from the person i want but the person i wanted
which is unfortunately as close as i can get)

"i was kidnapped and im very sorry for being an asshole and not hitting u up and tell u that"
(bla bla bla)

"I never dreamed youd leave in summer, i thought you would go then come back home, i thought the cold would leave by summer, but my quiet nights will be spent alone. you said there would be warm love in springtime, that is when you started to be cold, i never dreamed youd leave in summer, but now i find myself alone. You said then youd be the life in autumn, said youd be the one to see the way, no i never dreamed youd leave in summer, but now i find my love has gone away, why didnt you stay." (lol that one was 5 messages but a goody indeed)


  1. don't you wish that some of those messages were on paper? like "love letters" and shit or letters you use to pass in class? this is technology for yaaaa