Sunday, March 29, 2009

indigo adult

on friday i went to get my hair done and while i was in the middle of getting my hair blow dryed the power went out. now it was kind of raining/misty out so i figured that had something to do with it, and the owner of the shop told us that it happened the day before for about 5 mins .. so i thought nothing of it. however this time the power was out for longer than 5 mins it was more like an hour. so in my mind im sitting there half of my hair blow dryed the other wet, thinking damn this shit always happens to me .. and one exact thought of mine was "i bet right when i get up the lights will go on" and the moment i get up to get my jacket so that my stylist can drive me to her house the lights go on.

also .. some of my friends and i have this thing where when we walk under or drive under a street light it will go out, sometimes with me it will like flicker off and on. either way .. its weird as hell

so today to top all of this off! my ceiling light that has worked all semester went out.
so i went to change it and put a new bulb in and it still dosnt work ..
now my thinking is why does my roommates light still work, because i'm sure they put the light bulbs in at the same time in the beginning of the semester.

so to get a better grasp on this situation of course i googled it!
and this is what i found:

when i say this shit is mind blowing!!

before you click the link this is the definition of indigo people:

group of souls born into this earth plane who come as messengers of truth. they are lightworkers whose earthly mission is to bring love and light to this plane and to teach educate and learn how to live life on earth, to prepare for the following etherical infinate life hereafter.

heres a video:

and my final words are:
this is VERY crazy, like im sitting here blown!
read the characteristics to see if they apply to you because they sure as hell apply to me.
that video is kind of weird and makes me think twice, but still this shit is ridiculous.


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