Tuesday, March 31, 2009

public service announcement from TQH

"I guess its time I step shit up...Ive been sleepin. Daydreaming. Bullshitin. Whatever you want to call it... Today I had a rude wakening...Im BROKE lol. Not broke broke but I could be better, much better. Ive decided its time to get back on the grind, forreal this time. It hurts my ego not to be able to walk in phipps and drop a few stacks in the theory store. In saying this...im back. Im working on a few things right now. a few things that I expect you to buy. I want all of your MONEY, EVERY PENNY OF IT , IM SERIOUS AS SHIT LOL...
Its just me, boog, haddi and linc left you'll see the others guys here and there but dont worry weve got more than enough slong to sling to all you pretty faced girls... Holla at ya fuckin boy." - TQH

"It hurts my ego not to be able to walk in phipps and drop a few stacks in the theory store." - lol

if i was a guy i think i would be similar to craig, thats why i fuck with him so much .. i dont think he would be like me though, he would be like one of those light skinned skinny bitches that girls didnt fuck with cuz she thought she was too cute and did what she wanted to do.
anyway .. TQH is where i got the idea to start blogging and was the first place i ever started posting then it was mynats (ya lie) now im by myself on midterm so of course i had to give a much needed shoutout to TQH .. craig especially because he was actually my nigga before todd and joey were lmao.

so make sure you check up on the quarter hug which is listed first on my "other blogs i like" section. whatever craig plans on selling which im sure will be worth it make sure you cop the fuck up.

and make sure you throw that shit back

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