Thursday, February 26, 2009

19 things

i musss have in maa life.

1. an attitude
2. solid color leotards
3. my hair done
4. palmers cocoa butter formula
5. a pair of jeans i cant live without
6. a cute butt
7. a bad walk (in progress)
8. a back up plan or man
9. my moms louie clutch
10. burts bees replenishing lip balm and dr. bronners magic organic lip balm
11. my ray bans to block people out
12. one pair of black heels
13. american apparel tights
14. someone i can look good with
15. married to the mob letterman
16. my ipod
17. a cotton bra with no padding
18. my jack (lol)
19. commen sense

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