Thursday, February 26, 2009


okay so i have a little problem .. there is so much i want to share with whoever takes the time out to look at my blog that i just POST, like i cant stop! and i hate when new stuff that i just wrote goes onto the second page, because my thinking is when people look at a blog they just look at the first page and if they like the first page they'll go on to click that "older post" link and go on .. but i really HAD to post this! im gonna try to make it my last for tonight because this needs to marinate! if you know me and you don't know that i LOVE john mayer .. you dont know me. once i get my hands on these items and some other things from american apparel im done! like done to the point where im just gonna be like "dont even talk to me" lol jk. but seriously this post im showing you is like me 100% like if you want to know me you are about to get your chance ..

only has XL left but if i had it ...... with some tights on?? sheww

got it - this is out of control beyond sick

i could be considered slightly hype for this crewneck .. however i could care less its sick

ok now this might look weird but i have a terrible memory so i needed a reminder of what i need to buy off of american apparel .. its also inspirational lol and helps me plan how im going to spend my money. anyway call me hype, please. i dont care because once i buy everything i have up on my wall i'll be set



  1. i love your blog!
    i procrastinate wayy to much soo this will add to my procrastination. lol

    and i do have days when i post a bunch of shit! and i dont care who is reading as long as its posted.

    um check out

    i am a avid reader of both... and great style ideass