Thursday, February 26, 2009

two one five

being in atlanta i have definitely realized how much i love philadelphia, like i really cant stress this enough. i wanted to leave home so bad, but now being away from home for months at a time i truly appreciate philly for what it is. people down here look at downtown atlanta like its amazing, but there is nothing like downtown philadelphia .. and then not to mention the whole "uptown" situation of phily. chestnut hill, mt. airy, and germantown are my favorite places to be in the world .. i thought i would post a little something i found just browsing around. this really goes out to everyone thats at school right now thats not home just as a little reminder of how GREAT the city we live in really is.

nooo disrespect to any other city exspecially new york .. cuz everybody down here from new york always wants to hate on philly .. but there is really no city like the city of brotherly love.

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