Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my personal statement to you:

all I want to do with you is dance, smoke, and laugh. cheat on me, leave me, talk bad about me, complain, move away but don't forget to dance with me on friday night, and smoke with me saturday morning, and laugh with me in between time on sunday. the weekday is our enemy it brings the worst out of the both of us and puts us in unforgettable situations. take my words lightly monday through friday because they are the words of a bitter, uncontrolled, bitch that is yearning to see you just one day out of the three. put something on, so we can dance our forever together and chase the smoke and ashes that we create, as we slowly fall and disappear into another world that is only seen by true lovers with no worries, and when its all over lets laugh at the time we had and wait till the next time it happens again. all the days that fall in between are days that are meant for other people, other work, and other situations that are beyond our control. we'll light the fumes before we go to a destination unkown and dance our forever together on friday, and laugh about it on saturday.

love, my

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