Saturday, June 27, 2009

make that tootsie roll

when i got home from the festival my mom and i went to pep boys and got my tire fixed. it was $16.00 and i really wanted some mike and ike's that the boy's (ha, pep boys) had conveniently put at the register for people like me. but my mom only had exactly $16.00 so i couldn't, howeversurprisingly and thankfully the guy at the register heard my frustration and didn't charge us anything =). my mom was very excited lol and kept telling me that he only did that because i was there, and now she was gonna start taking me out more so she can get free things lol. since we still had the $16 we went to the dollar store and racked up lmao. although it was only $16 its the thought that counts, hopefully he didnt get in trouble.

so now im at home watching this episode of ellen degeneres called "ellens bigger, longer and wider show" (lol weird) an kanye west is performing "stronger" and as he was saying "well id do anything for a blonde dike" im wondering if ellen realizes what he's really saying???

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