Sunday, June 28, 2009

stringbean and marcus

this morning/afternoon i went to new hope with my parents and when we were leaving we noticed the streets were blocked off on our corner with alot of moving vans. come to find out that there's an independent film called STRINGBEAN AND MARCUS being shot in philadelphia mainly germantown (whewww whoo!! shout out to gtown!!) about the black panthers in 1978 starring KERRY WASHINGTON (shes beautifulllllll) and ANTHONY MACKIE (he played tupac in notorious) and this other guy that looked so familiar but i couldnt remember his name or what he played in lol. i couldnt take any pictures ughh!! but it was really cool, my mom and i walked over there and talked to some of the production crew. i wonder if they got (kerry and anthony) invited to the BET Awards? (which im really excited to watch by the way)
*** they said to look out for the movie in about a year

^ the PT was ready

^i never wear hoops, but these were my grandmas so i thought i'd wear them out today

^ cut my shorts

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