Saturday, June 27, 2009

definition of me

Interviewer: I'm sure this is real stupid of me, but just what is a "Brick House"? I've heard Isaac Hayes use the phrase in his "Out Of The Ghetto" song, but he went even further and sang "built like a brick shit house". Now, please explain what a woman's sexy body has got to do with a shit house (laughs).

Lionel Richie:
(Laughs) damn right! You see, a brick house means she's stacked. Let me explain that to you. See, when you have these wonderful measurements, 36-24-36 or variations of that in any form and you got these legs and this body and guys turn around and go "aww"... that's a brick house! She's built like a brick shit house means that she's strong, shit is not a negative thing, it just means that the brick shit house is not gonna fall down, it's not a wooden house. I know that sounds bad (laughs).

***i dont need a big butt to be a brickhouse, thank you.

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  1. Farrah was built like a brick shithouse. Now that she is dead she smells like one to.