Wednesday, August 26, 2009

affirmation #17

personal boundaries are critical.
set them in place and you will undoubtedly get reactions - positive and negative - from others.
perhaps no one will want to acknowledge your right to set your personal boundaries in any way that suits you.
instead you may be accused of being heartless, selfish or egocentric.
but in fact, it's in everyone's interest that you do, no matter what your perceived or actual motivation is.
by setting your own limits, others can learn from you.
they'll learn from not getting things their own way all the time.
they may see you in a different light too.
this is a profound lesson for each of you.
building a solid structure - of your carrer, your lifestyle, friendships or relationships, requires commitment. to make it last you need to devote a certain amount of energy to the task. only you can decide how much energy is required. and only you can follow through to completion. but if the foundation hasn't been laid properly the whole structure will be shaky. commitment is the foundation of any achievement.

girlosophy: the oracle. anthea paul

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