Saturday, August 22, 2009

affirmation #15

regard all dealings with people as relationships, not just encounters.
then you'll see that each person has equal weight.
you'll be much more effective in any negotiations or dealings once you are both on the level.
reinvention is your passport to your (more glorious) future.
reinvention is renewal of mind, body, spirit.
reinvention is the only way to survive.

girlosophy: the oracle. anthea paul


  1. why buy the book, when i can read your picks! lol!

    i really like this affirmation!!! def going up on my "moments of real-ness" wall...

    cute apartment


  2. loves this!! "count all dealings as relationships"...because afterall, that's exactly what they are! We are all in relation to one another and when we all graps that, as you nicely reminded us to, we'll make the world "a better, safer, & more Humane place"...