Sunday, July 26, 2009


i went out to dinner tonight with my sister and three of her friends from the peace corp. and it was such an amazing experience (as always). going out with her and her friends allows me to see and get a good understanding of people that are so completely different than i am, they really give "down to earth" a completely different meaning. i know it may sound silly but its something that Ive been taking for granted for the longest time and just started to realize, but they all ate every single thing that was on their plate (keep in mind that they literally gave us a full sized chicken and fish, the portions were huge) and if one person couldn't finish it they would take every little left over or scrap home. its just so refreshing to be around such positive people, all of their energies were so strong and powerful and it was amazing. one thing i want to achieve in life is having an all around solid and positive energy so that every person i meet can automatically feel it.

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