Friday, June 26, 2009


To make an effective request of the Universe your mind needs to be static-free -- free, that is from too many overlapping and conflicting thoughts. when you desire a clear response you have to make a clear request, in the same way as when you're talking to someone. thoughts are energy. so if you send a thought out among a bunch of other jumbled-up thoughts it has a greater chance of getting lost in the maelstrom.
meditation helps you clear the static. it's a heightened form of concentration that can be a very calming and powerful method of rewiring yourself for positivity and enhanced focus on any goal.
there are many methods of meditation and (as with anything) only you can decide which method works best for you. to get your started, here's a brief rundown on a meditation technique that may help you become clear, focused and static-free. if after a reasonable number of attempts this method dosnt seem to be effective for you, research or experiment with other techniques.
the method described below is the breath observation method, and it should get you into the zone if you practice it. choose a time when you won't be disturbed by anyone. this your precious time.

preparation: first, take off your watch and put it close by so you can check the time. you may even prefer to set an alarm clock for a few minutes' time. get comfortable by either sitting on your bed with your feet on the floor or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and your spine against a wall for support. you can even sit on a chair or lie on the floor. whatever feels right for you.
step 1. breathe in through your nose with your moth closed.
step 2. leave your eyes either half-open and focused on one point in the room or, if you prefer, close them fully.
step 3. continue to breathe through your nose until you feel the breath go all the way to your stomach, and then breathe out the same way so you can feel a kind of "loop" pattern in your breathing.
step 4. don't follow any train of thought (this is hard but you have to try). if any thoughts arise, let them fall away as you return your focus on your breath.
step 5. the thoughts will continue to come -- the trick is to learn to ignore them. they have no place for you right now because they are only serving to distract you from you mission of being peacefully static-free. if you find you have too many thoughts, practice saying an affirmation over and over in your mind: for example, "i love my life. i am happy and contented. all is well in my world." you can change the affirmation to suit your needs or your mood.
step 6. be still, don't fidget and really try to control any excess body movement. focus.
step 7. do this for as long as you can. you can start with a few minutes and work up to longer periods. do it first thing in the morning when you're fresh, and then again in the evening before you go to sleep.
the more you meditate, the greater the results -- but you'll have to do a bit of work.
(via girlosophy: the oracle, ANTHEA PAUL)

**its really an amazing thing.

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