Sunday, June 21, 2009

jazz festival: "sit here and keep looking cute"

jazz fest was just alright .. it was cool people watching though.
the weather was annoying, couldn't tell if it was gonna rain or not?
natalie made a good point in saying that if anyone wanted to know what "uptown" looked like (people wise) this was a good event to get a understanding.
we saw: old heads with matching attire from head to toe (hat to shoes), alligator shoes, polo, more polo, polo hats, polo shoes, adidas track pants with sneaks and a bbc tee (shown below), "I AM UPTOWN" tshirts, hollister & abercrombie for daysss, old heads in sean john and roca wear, crushed linen, bucket hats, straw hats, youngbuls for days, dirty hood "jawns" for days and days .. EVERYTHING.
a conversation on how the majority of guys from philly dress is really worth having.

(we didn't plan on dressing so similar or standing the same way for that matter, but i do think that this picture really displays our friendship as a whole. this will be framed)


(shoe line up)

(adidas x bbc tee)

(for barry)

***uptown= mt airy, germantown, west oak lane sections of philly

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