Friday, June 26, 2009

appetite for success

so i am currently jobless .. and at this point with basically a month and some weeks left of summer break (crazy now that i think about it) its going to be really hard to find a job that will hire me for such a short amount of time. a couple of weeks ago it was beyond frustrating that i had no source of income. just because i'm ALWAYS the one with a job! every summer since i was basically 15 i've had one, and now im 19 with a crazy thirst for shoes, clothing, and random things i dont need, and i cant buy ANY of it.
but recently ive been finding good in everything and i realized that this too has an explanation.
the reason (my reason) why i am having SO much trouble finding a job this summer is because i dont need any money. i think its fair to say that everytime i get money i run out and spend it.
this summer was meant to be a learning experience and one of the things i have learned (and im still learning) is that money needs to be taken seriously. with that being said i am beginning to become more content with not having any spending money and finding joy in the things that i have. and every once and awhile when i do get a LITTLE bit of spending money it allows me to just buy one thing, which then allows me to think twice so i wont buy something i dont need.

i'll know if my explanation for no job is right if im able to get a job when i go back to atlanta .. which i REALLY hope i do. even if i dont, im sure there's some lesson behind it.

as of right now my ambition, desire, hunger, and passion in life is to seize every moment and learn as much as possible about myself and just be happy.
and i know with that attitude that one day i'll have everything i want.

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