Tuesday, June 30, 2009

although they spelled it wrong, its the thought that counts.

'when two paths open up before you,
you should always choose the hardest one.'

at the start of a new relationship it all comes easily.
that's why its the start: the universe breaks you in gently.
all beginnings are gentle, but especially the beginnings of love,
because love is the most important lesson and the universe wants you to succeed.
but just because it's easy at the start, don't expect it to stay that way.
the universe will begin to load you up with harder lessons and tests to give you a real understanding of the long-term process that is love.
you'll find that continuing to love someone in the same way that you did at the beginning of the relationship is impossible.
instead, allow each moment to have its corresponding 'love' equivalent.
each moment is as unique as each love.
now you are on a steep love-learning curve.
loving seems to get harder and harder.
eventually, though, it will start to get easier.
love is designed this way because we are all here to learn how to love.
we start off with our families, and our platonic intimates then move on to our romantic and sexual partners.
the ultimate love test is to extend our love to every person and being in existence.
the greater masters of love have reached this level.
[girlosophy2: the love survival kit]

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