Thursday, April 30, 2009


freshman year
has been all in all amazing.
and the funny thing is, i probably didn't get one thing that i really wanted.
i really had to fight for a lot these past two semesters and even though people may not have noticed it, i really went through a lot and i still am.
the reason why my freshman year was still amazing is because i matured into basically a different person. I have learned how to deal with some many different situations and people. I have personally seen my growth from just last summer till now and it is probably one of the most amazing feelings I have ever felt.
but what makes this feel even better is the fact that other people have seen my growth and are so proud of me for accomplishing and dealing with the things that i have dealt with.

by no means am i perfect
i am still learning and making mistakes every single day.
however i can say that I am completely 100% a better person than what I was a year ago and to me that makes everything worth while.

cheers to that

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